Expat Morgans Services

Expat Morgans offers a full range of services. Packages can be combined and tailored to your requirements and budget. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your breeding or training project.

Stud Services & Broodmare Management

Stallions at Stud

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgan currently stand three Morgan stallions at stud: Expat's Regimental Colors, Expat's Fireworks and Expat's Guardian of Seas. Our stallions are graded by the Sport Pony Studbook Society and have a proven competitive record. Our stallions are available by natural cover and by artificial insemination. Frozen semen is available for shipping in the European Union.

Broodmare leases

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
We offer some of our broodmares on breeding lease. The mares can be bred to either one of our stallions or to another stallion of your choice. This is a great way for you to breed your dream foal from proven bloodlines at an affordable price.

Management of outside mares

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans is available to host your mare to either be bred to one of our stallion (natural cover or AI) or to another stallion of your choice (AI only). We will work with our reputable veterinary clinic to monitor your mare's cycle, order semen when required, handle the mare for natural cover or during insemination by our vet and manage follow up scans.

Foaling Out

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans is available to foal out your pony mare. We have years of experience to give your mare and your foal the care they need. We provide round the clock monitoring when necessary and work with a reputable local veterinary clinic with vets on call 24/7 for emergencies. Our foal training program - described below - is an ideal add on to our foaling out services.

Breed Inspections & Performance Assessment Preparation

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe

Presenting a horse for inspection or grading is a big commitment. You will have already spent a lot of time, effort and money to breed a good horse or pony and the inspection by expert judges in many ways the culmination of that breeding project. The right preparation is key to getting your horse the best possible assessment scores.

Expat Morgans has successfully shown horses in hand internationally and presented stallions for grading. We can take your pony on our conditioning and training program. Your horse will benefit from a custom-tailored conditioning and training plan. Our plan combines nutrition, fitness, grooming and training (including loose jumping and in-hand presentation). 

Our team is also available to groom and/or present your pony to the jury at the assessment venue.

Young Horse Education & Show Preparation

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe

Young horses and ponies need to be taught the basic rules for interaction with humans as young as possible to make them safe and pleasant to be around. This is the foundation of all training regardless of your chosen equestrian pursuit. A good basic education is also the best gift you can ever give your horse. It guarantees that he has the best possible chance of spending its life in good hands should you ever have to part with him or her.

Expat Morgans are available to assist you in turning your equine companion into a good citizen. We have a tried and tested training course to teach foals and yearlings to respect your space, wear a halter, lead, tie, stand for the farrier and wear a rug. We can also introduce your youngster to trailering, bathing, clipping, livestock, farm machinery and traffic.

Once basic ground manners are established we can continue your youngster's education to make them ready to show in halter classes and trail classes.