Expat Morgans History

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe

Breed History

The Morgan horse in its original homeland as "The horse that built America". Since Figure (foundation stallion) was born in 1789 Morgan horses have been known for their utilitarian capabilities and tractable disposition. They were extensively used in the US as farm horses, saddle horses, carriage horses, harness racing horses, stock horses and cavalry mounts during the 19th century. Morgans have been used to develop other breeds such as Hackney horses, Quarter horses and Missouri Fox Trotters.

Today they are crossed with Friesian horses, Arabian horses as well as Thoroughbreds. Morgans are renowned for their versatility and are successfully shown in the full array of equestrian sport from western disciplines to carriage driving, endurance, show jumping, dressage and evening. They also remain the stock horse and family horse choice for many riders in the US.

Our breeding program:

Expat Morgan has chosen to specialize in breeding and producing Morgans ponies and small horses for the FEI regulated disciplines. We carefully selected Morgans to import from the US to launch our breeding program. We chose mares that not only possessed correct conformation and temperament but also descended from two specific stallions: Trophy and Waseeka's Nocturne.

Waseeka's Nocturne was foaled in 1954 and will be remembered as one of the breed's great sires. He was bay and measured 15.1 H. He sired a total of 98 foals many of which became champions in the show ring and themselves producers of champions. Nocturne bred Morgans are known for their great disposition, beauty and durability.

Trophy was foaled in 1949. He was dark chestnut and measured 14.2 H. He was without a doubt the best and most influential stallion bred by the US Government Farm during its 45 years of breeding. He was a very elegant and powerful horse with a huge trot. He consistently produced foals with size, great temperament and exceptional athletic ability. Most also possessed what we now know as the "Trophy trot". In his obituary from the May 1982 The Morgan Horse magazine: "Trophy 1949-1981" W. Dayton Sumner wrote "He had the manners and disposition of a perfect gentleman coupled with the spirit and animation of a true champion".

We have found that the combination of Nocturne and Trophy lines produces the beautiful, highly trainable and durable competitive athletes that Expat Morgan is proud to breed. Further reading on the Morgan Horse as a sport horse here.

A few of our mares deserve a special mention as they have been the corner stones of our program.

RHB Gemini

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Gem could not have been more aptly named. This 15 H bay mare is the dam to among others two of our stallions Expat's Regimental Colors and Expat's Firework. She strongly stamped her foals. All had her gorgeous head, power and disposition. Gem was linebred to Troutbrook Playboy - a Waseeka's Nocturne son and out of a Lippitt damline.

Swanbrook Neon Lights

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Neon was a 15.1 H bright chestnut mare. She was a real lady and had the most feminine head. We were so pleased with how she crossed with Expat's Regimental Colors that we never crossed her with another stallion. Her foals all were natural show jumpers. We retained two daughters Expat's Light Brigade and Expat's Tactical Flare for our breeding program. Neon was bred to be a show horse. Her sire was a Noble Flair son and her dam sire was the legendary Vigilmarch.

Legacy's Sea Star

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Sea Star was a 14.2 H bright chestnut former park harness champion. She came to us a 16-year-old broodmare and what a treasure she proved to be. She gave us a strong dam line for very successful competition ponies. We retained her grandson Expat's Guardian of Seas for our breeding program as well as several of her granddaughters (by her son Expat's Commodore JPJones). Sea Star was Trophy linebred. She was everything a Trophy bred horse should be: beautiful, refined, kind and exceptionally athletic with the "Trophy trot".

Ancan Second Fiddle

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Bailey was a 14.2 H brown mare. She simply loved to jump. She was an opinionated mare with more heart than you would ever imagine such a pretty mare could have. She bred the graded stallion Expat's Lead From The Front (standing at stud with Edelhof Morgans in Germany) as well as several eventing ponies. Bailey was very heavily Nocturne bred and out of a Tedwin Topic mare. She had all the beauty and trainability that you can expect from her breeding.


Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Lesley was a 15.2 H KWPN liver chestnut mare. She was bred to show jump and successfully completed before becoming a broodmare. She was out of the respected Nimmerdor lines and was very athletic. The foals she produced by our Morgan stallions had her athletic ability and scope combined with the trainability Morgans are so well known for. Her foals were successful in both eventing and show jumping.

The final special mention should go to a stallion we lost far too young: Expat's Show Off.

Expat's Show Off

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe

Show Off was a 15 H blood bay stallion. He was simply stunning and showed much promise as a sport pony. He only sired two foals for us Expat's Fireworks (out of RHB Gemini) and Expat's Miz Showbiz (out of Legacy's Sea Star) both were retained for our breeding program. Show Off was the only breeding son of the champion stallion Hillock Showson. He was out of SSB Angelina (Nocturne bred and out of a Tedwin Topic mare).

Our Mascots

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Rainyday Cyclone AKA Clancy and Comet are worth mentioning as they are precious assistant trainers when we start the youngsters under saddle.

Clancy is a Morgan gelding that Anne could not resist importing as he was simply too cute to pass up. He is quite the character and in addition to his training duties he serves as a trail horse for Scott and for far visitors.

Comet is of unknown breeding but most likely an Irish Draft Connemara cross. She is Scott's horse. Much like Clancy she helps us train the youngsters and enjoys trail riding in the Co. Wicklow mountains.

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